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Did you know that most advocacy leaders struggle with the time or resources to inspire, train, and activate their volunteer advocates?

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Your Advocates Deserve to Have Their Voices Heard

Everyone wants their voice to be heard. Sadly, most times it is not because they don’t what to say.

Did you know that most volunteer advocates will do more when provided with the education that makes them even more confident and sure of their abilities? One that empowers them to want to act – for you.

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At Voices In Advocacy®, grassroots advocacy grows, complacency dies, and advocacy success is the only acceptable action. 

We work with organizations to inspire, educate, engage, and activate your supporters by turning them into effective, influential advocates.  

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What our clients say

David DuBois, President & CEO, Int'l. Assoc. of Exhibitions and Events

“IAEE embarked on a journey five years ago to increase our advocacy influence. We looked for the right partner to assist us. That is when we choose Roger Rickard and Voices In Advocacy. We have been working together ever since to help build our advocacy fly-in program, educate our supporters, train them to be effective advocates and assist us with advocacy consulting to our Advocacy Committee. I could not endorse their work any stronger than to say, you will not go wrong by selecting Voices In Advocacy for your advocacy needs.”

Additional Comments from Clients

Cody Lyon, Director of Advocacy, American Farm Bureau

"Roger spoke to more than 1200 young farmers and ranchers at our YF&R Leadership Conference. His presentation was insightful, inspiring and informative. But mostly it was engaging! In preparing to speak to our group, he and I talked about the conference program, the goals we had for his speech and what makes speaking to our group unique among others. It is a great pleasure to work with a speaker who is a content expert and fits this expertise to meet the audience’s needs and the organization’s goals."

Additional Comments from Clients

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What We Offer

Keynote Speaking


Moving, Meaningful & Memorable Keynotes to Inspire your Attendees

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Face-to-Face Advocacy Training


Enlightening, Educating & Engaging Advocacy Training to Build an Army of Advocates

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Advocacy Audit & Consulting

Voices in Advocacy, Advocacy Audit & Consulting

Analysis & Framework to Increase Advocacy Effectiveness and Engagement

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On-line Advocacy Academy


Customized On-Line Advocacy Academy to Turn Your Supporters into More Influential Advocates

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4 Things You Must Do To Grow Your Advocates ...and Keep Them

There is a popular notion among cynics these days that says that advocacy is bad, that lobbying for what you want is ruining our country. I suppose there are some bad actors out there, but I’ve not met them. The clients we work with just want to improve their supporters’ lives, and in, turn their organizations’ mission, I’m grateful to help them do so.

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The 4 Things You Must Do to Grow Your Advocates - And Keep Them

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At Voices In Advocacy®, grassroots advocacy grows, complacency dies, and advocacy success is the only acceptable action.

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