Our Mission


To defend and protect you.

There are people out there that want to undermine your organizations advocacy mission and goals.

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We believe your supporters deserve to be heard.

We believe others shouldn’t be allowed to harm your supporters by:

  • Making decisions that negatively affect their careers, family, and livelihoods.
  • Making attacks that are unfounded and baseless.
  • By restricting their ability to heard.


Your supporters deserve to be protected from:





Hostile Groups

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Our Advocacy philosophy


Step-by-Step Guide

Most organizations don't have enough advocates, so we created a step-by-step system that helps them grow their grassroots supporters, create activated advocates, who defend and protect the mission, magnifying their influence.

Step One

Inspire - people must be inspired to want to take action. They need to understand their important role in the success of the mission.

Step Two

Educate - people must feel comfortable in their knowledge of what to do as an advocate.  What are the do's and don'ts.The best practices to achieve success. Without advocacy education people will fear engaging.

Step Three

Engage - a higher percentage of people will engage in an advocacy activity if they are first inspired and then second educated in what to properly do. This engage step is the last step to be a full-fledged advocate.

Step Four

Activate - people want to be a part of a cause greater than one's self-interest.  When you have activated advocates, they will always be there to support your mission. These people are your go-to advocates. They are ready to defend and protect.

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Services & Products

Keynote Speaker

Roger Rickard, keynote speech at American Farm Bureau, Young Farmers & Ranchers Conference

An Inspirational advocacy keynote speaker is the best way to begin to move your attendees from supporters to advocates. Inspire them to join your cause.

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Advocacy Training

Roger Rickard, Founder of Voices In Advocacy, providing Advocacy Training.

Face to Face advocacy education and training is the best way to educate and engage your supporters to become even better advocates.

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Advocacy Audit & Consulting


Would you like to have your advocacy efforts thrive? We understand you work hard trying to build your grassroots advocates.  Let us run an advocacy audit to find ways to increase your advocacy support, reduce your workload, and give you more time to fit in all your responsibilities. 

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On-Line Advocacy Academy


The cost of training thousands of your supporters in a face-to-face environment is cost-prohibitive and very unpractical... Not with your white labeled private on-line advocacy academy. Your supporters will receive highly effective advocacy skills to drive your influence.

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